What are CTR, CPC & RPM in Google Adsense Account?

Monday, September 10, 2012 Posted by Nommy

There are a large number of webmasters active on the web, who know everything about Google Adsense, Web designing, and Web Development. They are seniors and they can do whatever they want to do. But also many new comers are coming to the world of blogging and they enthusiastically want to earn money with Adsense too. So sometimes they get confused when they see CTR, CPC or RPM in Google Adsense Account. So this post is for those who don't know about CTR, CPC and RPM in Adsense Account.
What is CTR in Adsense?
CTR can be found on many advertisement programs which are running online, in Adsense CTR means (Click Through Rate), it is determined on the number of visitors and the clicks. For example, If one visitor visits your site and he clicks on an Adsense ad, its mean CTR will be 100% or if 100 people visit a website and 10 of them click on the ads then its mean CTR will be 10%. So that's really simple. It shows the percentage of clicks according to visits. Search CTR is different than Adsense CTR.

What is CPC?
CPC means "Cost Per Click" it tells us the value of clicks in amount. If a person clicks on Adsense ad and you earn $1 with that click, its mean you are click's rate is the same $1 Dollar, but a click can be of 0.10 cents or so. Just it shows the cash amount of a click.

What is RPM or eCPM?
RPM stands for Revenue Per Mile, In adsense previous interface it was eCPM but now it has changed into RPM and its mean the earning from impressions. If a site is making $1 with 1000 page impressions then it might be good. But if a site is making $1 with greater than 1000 Page Impressions then the RPM may be lower.  Goodluck !!!
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