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If you would like to make money on the Online world with your website/blog, after that the solutions of Google AdSense might be really good for you. In reality, a well-examine and helpful on the website can easily help you make adsense money in no time at all.
Google arises to become the first search engine to cater to website / blog owners that hope to make money by way of their own personal websites/blog. Google adsense is certainly one particular service that Google provides to aid these personal owners of web site to use video, text and picture advertising and marketing in their internet web pages. Practically, google adsense funds then flows through it online.

If you’ve got a website/blog on the internet, you would then basically need to go by way of the adsense approval method. This is extremely simple to do and is all accomplished over the worldwideweb, as correctly. The natural way, you’ll get ad earnings by means of this. Here are 5 Google Adsense Approval Tips and Tricks for you.

1. How to get Google Adsense account fast and easy for a blog without waiting 6 months

Adsense tips and tricks, or tips and tricks adsense is the secret to be known for their ayng earning or want to get paid from adsense. I've read some forums and blogs about google adsense tips and thought would be beneficial if I accumulated as much as possible without any comment. I've also included some tips me into a collection of trersebut. We start from a general topic first and then to a specific topic.

Want to build a kingdom?

If you decide to become a publisher on the web then you belong to one of the two following categories:

Publishes 100 websites where each website to make money at $ 1 per day
publish a website that could generate $ 100 per day

Reality that there are many people who choose the wrong one. Having 100 websites require you to maintain, manage and create content. Having a website makes you open all the possibilities (Search Engine algorithms, marketing trends, etc.). While you will be able to adjust the plan as you go along but it will be easier if you decide which one would you want to go.

General topics (general) or niche

You can build your website with general topics or niche. In general, talking about niche website has a better performance with respect to the adsense. The first ad targeting is better. You both are naturally focused writing that makes you an expert. It is hoped this will make you an expert to write a field that has been mastered.

If this is your first time building a website adsense then enjoy it. This will make your website easier to solve. You must make sure that your topic is full of ads and make sure also that you have paid you want.

When you find out how adsense works on a website, then you will try to buy a list of HPK (high paying keywords). It contains the risk that having more money would get a higher position. Both the deviation and the cancellation of the relationship of income. Many people who want the ads on their website that has a value of $ 35 for a click, but the number of ads that have very limited value. consequences of cheating going on in the competition increasing traffic. I have used a keyword report with a high dollar of and it showed.

The new site, Files and Maintenance

If you make a website do not let you put an ad to your website is completely finished and get enough traffic and enough backlinks. If you put on your website with a doll "Loren Ipsum" or where there will be text ads that correspond to these topics. Thing in it is true if there is a new file in an exceptional website, especially if the file is new and different. It may take days or weeks baa for google to return to your pages and get the ad quickly in accordance with the target.
Tip: If you get the visitors with a variety of IP so quickly you will complete this process.

I like to build my website to include lots of files in it. I put the header and footer files in the file navigation in general, making it easy for the patient and organized. I also include the adsense code into the file so that when I want an adsense megganti I just need to change one file.
Tip: I also use a program that I use to activate and menonatifkan adsense. I can change the adsense thoroughly with True or false to show or hide adsense.

Set the URL and Channel

Adsense channel is an area where you can easily get the statistics. You can set up URL channels to determine how the interaction of a website from one another. You also set up sub channels for each URL. If you want to do something about the channel as shown below: - 728 banner - 336 block - text link - 728 banner - banner image - 336 block - 300 block

When you know who is clicking, where and for what reason, then this makes you a little report can not be trusted. The number of visitors will always be true but when you see your report with a down channel will show a repetitive and did not increase until the correct amount. Membingingkan indeed, so decide if you really want a detailed report.
Tip: Most recent if you want the URL to make money so be sure to enter a different URL.

Site Design and Integration

When you put adsense on your website then There you will have to decide where to put adsense. Aka is more difficult if the site is dynamic. When there are people who will be able to do it, I just want to say they just put adsense code into it, you'll end up with a site that is clearly wrong. When all the different websites, Google has published a map showing the location of the optimal. And the most suitable place is a chart of the middle and the left side. I've done it right on the right but you should know why you do it and be prepared to change if the ads do not work. Google also has mempublkasikan list of ad sizes that have a high performance, namely:

336 × 280 square area
300 × 250 square line
160 × 600 high

From the site I run, I use the 336 square and 160 high. My next best ad size 728 at the beginning and I do not often use the 300 square line. So it all depends on how well you integrate ads into your site. Bsa placement makes an impressive performance.
Tip: When you work on a new site or new layout you might want to give each place in order to have a temporary link until you fully understand the behavior of the pengunjunnya.

Another trick that can increase your CTR is by exposing your ads according to the color chart andsense. For example if baganya is black adsense then you can remove the border and a title, text and URL black degan.
Tip: Try to change your hyperlink into a contrasting color such as red or blue thick, then change the color of the ad with the same color yag.

One place that makes adsense does not work so well is forums, especially the forum with many members of the same amount. Regular visitors quickly develop ad. One trick to avoid your ad to be ignored by visitors is to randomize the color and space. Due to the absence of a place, placement and colors will make your ad did not sell. How much do you emphasize your ads so as not to disturb guests. Remember, it's better to have 1% to 500 regular visitors from the 5% to 50 who are not regular visitors.
Tip: To place advertising forum above or below the sequence of the first forum.

Using the Picture

One last secret is to use an image that is placed directly above or below the ad on the first chart. This method is used but in a sequence of digital forum the members talk about their CTR penepatan. At dasrnya you can adjust the adsense code with 4 images that correspond directly integrated with the image. It's very tricky and subjective. With four 4 images flickering will make visitors to click. But to put 4 images on the laptop on laptop ads are not recommended, so use the best opinion of the advertiser. If you have any questions, then you can write the ad and ask them to see it.

I have used these ads and can share how to work the image. You will mendaopatkan best results if the complete picture of the ad included. For example if your ad is to include a picture of an apple fresh apples, instead of drawing macintosh or lady. Tip: Do not restrict the use of the image size of ads. These ads will only work with other measures such as the 336 square.


Do not use a famous brand or product to your images. Use images that are not reasonably specific.

Multi ad

Another way to increase revenue is to use more than one ad. Based on your google TOS allowed three weeks to advertise ads per page. Same as standard search results advertisements with the highest score will be displayed first and the lowest value will be placed on the final sequence. If there is enough place where all the ads. Obviously you have to pay attention to price. Now assuming you get 60% of revenue (at $ 0.05 per click and you get $ 0.03) Thus, if the ads are paid only between 3-5 cents maybe you want from your web menyinkirkannya. If an ad has to be clicked big presetasi you have to place the ad.
Tip: use CSS to place an ad with the highest value on the site with the highest yag advertising.

Ads in RSS

With the growth of da blog RSS so you can see the use of RSS for ads. IMHO that does not work and resulted in:

You only get one spot for your advertisement
Ads rarely in crosshairs
People who do not develop a clear picture ads
You can not find the right spot for your advertisement

I know many people can read a post in their feed reader. however, if your site relies on fishing that can provide ongoing income, then drove them into the site to show them some ads.

Affiliate Sites

Placing advertisements in an affiliate site is a sneaky way. I'm happy to use adsense on my articles page. For example: You have a Jka affiiate site that sells shoes then you need articles that match your product. Like "shoe repair shop". When you want to get rich they usually provide a small fixed income to cover your expenses such as payment for hosting. Tip: If you know the website you have 50 clicks per month add more pages about this topic, and links to other pages.

PPC Arbitrage

It is difficult to predict, so I'll lead you to the correct instance. You find a big difference between the price that you shoot in adwords, and the price you get from adsense. If you pay $ 0.01 per click and earn $ 0.90 per click. to display your adsense ads then you need to add funds. You could get lucky big, so be sure to yourself that you know what you will do.


Create an interesting layout to entice visitors. We have consistently been getting CTR tnggi prices by doing this.

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My Notes: One of the Implementation of the above tips can be done with a click Adsense WordPress Plugin.

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