So How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Approved?

Monday, September 10, 2012 Posted by Nommy

Now once you’ve thoroughly read the TOS from Google Adsense, you must be aware of the following 10 points also:

1- Your website must have a Top Level Domain i.e .com, .net, .Org. Now no more website having free domain like .tk or or any subdomain wont get approved. So keep this thing in mind that you have to invest some money to buy domain for your website hence Google Adsense is no more free you can say:)

2- If you’re using WordPress, then you must see the checklist below:

a- Install All in One SEO Plugin for WordPress. Download it from here:

b- Install Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress. Download it from here:

c- Install any Social Bookmark plugin to bookmark each of your post to minimum of 30 websites. Download it from here:

d- Use this permalink structure for the SEO friendly link: /%postname%/

e- Use any light weight template for your WordPress, don’t go for any fancy Template that makes your site navigation difficult, your template must be clean and easy for the visitors to explore your website.

If you are using Blogger or any other blog or script, then you must optimize that for Search Engine.

2- Must create the following pages: About Us, Privacy policy, Copyright Policy, Disclaimer and Contact Us. If Google don’t find these pages, it wont take your website as an authentic website.

3- Make atleast 35 – 50 posts, all posts must contain unique content, must be original material and not copied from anywhere else. Don’t try to cheat google by using Article Spinners or Google Translators to make your content unique, because Google is aware of these silly tricks, and it’ll catch you easily:)

4- Always social bookmark each and every of your post to social bookmarking services like Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon , Technorati, Google Bookmark etc. Make it your habit to bookmark your posts right after publishing your posts. Use atleast 30 Social Bookmarks so you’ll start to get decent traffic to your website and will get back links as well.

5- Your website must be atleast 3 months old. On most of the places you’ll read that your website must be atleast 6 months old, but I’ve seen that Google approves accounts with 3 months old website too.

6- Try to buy some authority back links form your website, be careful don’t do link exchange. Reciprocal linking is nothing but garbage in sight of Google, Google really doesn’t like Reciprocal linking so avoid using reciprocal linking to your website.

7- Dont make more then 2 or 3 posts in a day. Well this is what you should be really careful of. I’ve seen many bloggers makes this common mistake and Google flag these kind of websites with Spam. Google is the biggest enemy of Spam and Spammers, so don’t prove your self as a spammer in sight of Google and make maximum of 3 posts a day Be google your friend and not your enemy:).

8- Signup for Google Webmasters tools and verify the ownership of your site.Signup for Google Analytics as well, it’s the most powerful free tool to track the visitors and interests of your visitors.

 9- Before applying for Google Adsense, you must be sure that your website is getting 300 -400 visitors per day.

10- Now apply for Google Adsense and use your real information during the creating of Adsense Account. Don’t use any IP changer to create Adsense Account, Google is smart enough to trace all IP’s so don’t try to be smart with Google, Google is smarter then you

After review all of the above points and double check each and every point, now you should apply for Google Adsense Account and I’m sure Google will Approve your account. Keep this thing in your mind that there’s no backdoor or shortcut available to get your google adsense account approved, so don’t waste your time and money in making silly mistakes. Google is more strict in its policy now, so you must respect and obey its Policies

I hope this information will make many things clear in your mind in how to get your google adsense account approved. :))
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