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Monday, September 10, 2012 Posted by Nommy
Adsense  tips are very important for bloggers.If you are new to Adsense, may be you are trying to know how to get more clicks. If you have some more traffic, Its easy to make money from Google ads.More income mean need to get more click for your ads.So some are wondering how to get more clicks.So,i thought to share some excellent tips for how to make more money with Google Adsense. Hope this will helps you to increase Google ad revenue.

Adsense Tip 1 :  Finding proper keywords to your content.
You have to check keyword destiny. you can use some keyword analyzer and find the proper keywords to your content.(,

Adsense Tip 2 : Improve your keywords.
You can improve ads relevant from getting keywords.Get suggestion from AdWords key tools.If you want to  know about AdWords click here

Adsense Tip 3 :Use Correct ads format
* 336x280 large rectangle
* 300x250 medium rectangle
* 160x600 wide skyscraper
* Don't use Non-stranded ads.
You can use 468x15 below your post title or this Click here .when you creating adsense ads, make sure ads background color match with your blog background color.Choose same color for fonts.So this will helps you to show your ads without separating from your blog post.

Adsense Tip 4 : Choose proper place to keep your ads
Im suggests keep adsense top of your post.because there have good CTR.however you want to keep adsense bottom of page, First you can keep few ads on page and check from where you will get more click and choose the best place and keep the ads.  Do not use more than 3 ads in your post.Other things is, you can keep link list under your post title. (468x15). Put image ads inside your post. click here to How to Put Adsense code In Middle blog Post

Adsense Tip 5 : You are not allow to
Don't try to change ads manually.
Don't  try to click your ads and don't ask your friends to click your ads.
Don't use adsense for popup ads.

Adsense Tip 6 : You can follow
* Follow Google Adsense policies, it will help you to earn more
* You can block low paying ads from can use
* Make rich content to your blog.
* Write new post everyday, it help you to get more visitors.

These are main tips of Adsense. There have much more simple tips. i hope to share it with my experience.
Keep visiting. good luck.
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