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Monday, September 10, 2012 Posted by Nommy

Most of the times bloggers makes a very common mistake, they spend hours and weeks to optimize their websites, but they never optimize their articles for search engines. There’s a very common misconception in majority of the bloggers that optimizing your website or blogs automatically optimize your articles or content too. But that’s totally wrong. Optimizing your articles for search engine has much more importance then optimizing your blog or website.
Search Engine Optimized content is like fresh air for Search Engines or some times you can say its favorite food of Search Engines. The more tasty you cook the food, the more chances you’ll get to rank your content on top. Majority of the bloggers leave this most important part because of the lack of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, they use simple plugins to optimize their blogs or sites and they think its enough, well its really not enough. Its highly recommended that each and every of your blog post or article must be Optimized for Search Engine, so you’ll get every article ranked high in Search Rankings. The more optimized articles, the more high rankings and the more visitors to your website.

Before going right to the point, I must tell you that the Search Engine Optimization Experts have made a hype that SEO is really difficult and long process, it takes lots of time to optimize and rank your content on search engine and they charge huge amount of money for that. Well to be honest, Search Engine Optimization is not that hard. There are only 12 major points that you should follow in creating your articles and you’re done.

Follow these 10 simple tips for optimizing your articles for search engine:
1- First of all you should choose 1 Primary Phrase for your article.
2- First line of your article must begin with your primary key phrase.
3- Use your key primary phrase in H1 Title Tag.
4- Use your key primary phrase in H2 Title Tag.
5- Use your key primary phrase in H3 Title Tag.
6- Italicize your primary key phrase.
7- Bold your primary key phrase.
8- Under line your primary key phrase.
9- Use image in your article and add your  primary key phrase in the Alt text of that image.
10- Use your primary key phrase in last sentence of your article.
11- Keyword density must be minimum of 3 and maximum of 10.
12- Use rel=nofollow if you’re using any outlink in your article.

If you follow all the 12 steps in each of your article, then you should make be damn sure that your are successfully optimizing your articles for search engine.
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